What we offer to Employers

  • Posting and promotion of your employment opportunities
  • Assistance in matching applicants who will be a good fit for your company
  • Liaison between the employer and the employee

What we need to know?

detailed jobs descritions
  • materials they use
  • start and end date
  • special technologies and procedures they should handle
  • performance (m2 per day or other)
  • own TOOLS (which min. tools they should have with them)?
  • own CAR?
  • how many PEOPLE from GROUP of 4 people should speak good LANGUAGE?

We always require contract before any work

  • before contacting of any candidate, always contract have to be signed
  • there is possibility to being visited by our Agent - after reading the contract by responsible person on your side
  • you need contract wording to read in advance? Fill up work orderer form

List of possible candidates for your HR planning

  • list of Resume in table without contact data
  • translation to your language
  • easy way to choose and plan

Required information before starting work

  • contact information for workplace (address, phone)
  • contact information for accommodation place  (address, phone)
  • contract with employee to being sign
  • work supervision in first days


CV receiving

  • employee always must fill CV Form on this website
  • we generate CV document automaticaly to the hands of employers
  • your CVs is visible to 1000s of Employers automatically in anonymous mode, without any personal or contact data visibility

Work Interview call

  • after filling of CV we make phonecall with candidate
  • we update information of CV with regards to Employer requirements
  • in case of  consent of Your and Employer, we disclose candidate´s contact data to Employer can contact to Candidate directly

Contract preparation phase

  • employer usually sign Contract with Employee before Employee´s traveling to accommodation place or working place
  • employer usually require all personal data to prepare Work Contract
  • in majority cases Contract is signed before candidate´s traveling

Information before traveling to working place

  • to candidates is sent all important contact information of responsible persons with address and phone number for work and accommodation
  • preffered groups of workers are groups with at least of 2 people and own car and with person speaking by foreign language (german or english) in communicative level

First days of help in new job

  • in first 2 weeks we are in contact wiht candidate
  • we can make evaluation of satisfaction of Employer and Employee
  • in case of any problems we assist both parties for remedation of situation and according of candidate qualities, we try to find solution for all parties satisfaction